Top 3 Booktubers

Our teacher Dani assigned homework. Here what I have done:


1st booktube: 


I really like this booktube because is very funny and all the thing that he said are true!   

2nd Booktube

This booktube is very original, she is singing about that the boys of the books are better than real boys, which I don’t agree.  Apart from that, she has a beautiful voice and I really enjoy hearing her .

3rd Booktube:

And to conclude to this activity, I chose this booktube because is very interesting. He compares a very famous book with the real life and I enjoy it.

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2 respuestas a Top 3 Booktubers

  1. dbarra dijo:

    What aspects of these booktubes will you take into account when producing yours?

    • sbraunurien dijo:

      Is very difficult to do my booktube with the same edition and creativity than the 3 booktubers, but I will try to do it as the same as interesting as the booktubers.

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