The Destructors

The Destructors is a very good story, that is about a group of children that tried to clear their minds of all the suffering that they had, by creating a gang where they were could feel free. They were in a post-war situation, where they suffered a lot, and all the city was destroyed by air bombs. These ideas are very similar to a famous movie for children called, Narnia.


In both situations, the children faced the consequences of war.

In Narnia, after the first bombing in London, the brothers were sent to a farmhouse, far away from the city, so they could be safe from the bombs. There, Lucy found a wardrobe which was the entry to a magical world called Narnia. For me, this strange world, where the protagonists were heroes, was the only way which they could forget the situation where they were passing through.


In the destructors, the gang that tried to break the law was another way, in which children that suffered from the same war could feel free, so they could forget all that years where they suffered a lot, being afraid of the death that was always around them.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    What a connection!!
    I had never thought of that before!!

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