The Girl in The Looking-Glass: A Reflection


This is an incredible story that lives a huge message behind. This message is connected with what I have learned in my spiritual retreat

The society of nowadays is very materialistic. All the real people are covered by the new phones, the fashion clothes and the cool activities that we do. This masks of our souls don’t show what we really are, so the other people only see our superficial things and they won’t know who we really are. The people are leaving a life that is a big lie, so at the end we are empty.

There is one solution to this new problem, that Virginia Woolf saw many years ago, that is the end of her story “The Girl in The Looking-Glass: A Reflection”. All the society needs a pure light that is so strong, that all our mask will fall. We will see how ourself really are, and I hope that it won’t be too late to repair them.

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  1. Pat dijo:

    Do you know your true self?

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