The End of E-portfolio

Throughout this year in literature, we had worked in this new project called “E-porfolio”. This new experience was very difficult to understand, but at the end it was simpler than it seem. This was my favourite topic of the year, as for the first time, I had the freedom to exploit my imagination, and compare all the activities that I do at school with anything that I want, for example: movies, books, personal experiences, songs and other things that I did at school. All these interesting activities, not only helped me to understand better the topics that we saw in literature, but also to learn how to make deep connections between things, which it will be very useful for all my life.

The E-portfolio replaced most of the essays. This type of writing, also needs connections and a personal analysis, but as they have an “Essay Question”, your imagination is very limited, and it can’t be squeezed. Also, I have been writing essays, since I entered secondary school, so it became a little boring, and the easy way to do the activities. So I am grateful that this activity was introduced to replace the essay, making the classes more dynamic and a different challenge. 🙂

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  1. Pat dijo:

    I love your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more and more!!
    I am glad you enjoyed this activity Sil!!
    A pleasure to be your teacher!

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