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Comparison between Rooms & Home is so Sad

This two poems have too much in common. I did this essay to prove my ides! Essay Question: Comment Closely on how the writers of “Rooms” and “Home is so Sad” deal with the double meaning of “rooms” in their poems. … Sigue leyendo

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Essay Literature – S1 and S2

This is the Essay of Passion by Kathleen Raine that Matías, Otto and I did together.   Essay: Passion   In this poem the writer shows us how she uses nature to express how she feels about love. Her sad … Sigue leyendo

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“The Cloud and The Pebble” and “Love III”

In our literature class, Pato told us to do an essay writing of “Love III” vs. “The Clod and the Pebble”. Here is the essay:   In the poem “The Clod and The Pebble” and “Love III” deals with love. … Sigue leyendo

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