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Idiomatic Expressions

In our literature class, we have been learning some idiomatic expressions!   After reading them, we had to do an activity in groups. I was with Silvestre Braun and Ines Galmarini. First, we had to choose 5 idioms and find … Sigue leyendo

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We had worked a lot of classes with a new poem called “To the Evening Star”. Here is a poster that Juana Perez and me created! Our Poster!

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In our literature class, we started reading a poem called “rooms”, written by Charlotte Mew. After reading it, we had to do an activity that consists in two parts. In the first part, we had to answer some questions about the previous … Sigue leyendo

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Wanted Poster

Today, with Dani we did an activity that consisted in makeing a “wanted poster” of your partner and your partner have to do it with of you. I do it with Fefi Marty.DID an activitY, fefi chose Ashton Kutcher for my poster … Sigue leyendo

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